“The home spots at Lentor Hills Road (Parcel A) also Jln Tembusu are commenced to buy beneath the Confirmed Listing while Lentor Hills Road (Plot B) is available for request under the Reserve List,” said URA. Each of the three spots featured a Ninety Nine year lease term also are section for non commercial usage.

Holding a size of 17,136.9 sq meter, the site at Lentor Hills Road (Parcel A) owns a maximum gross floor area of Fifty One thousand Four hundred Eleven sq meter plus is calculated to turn out around Five hundred Ninety Five home units. The 10,821.9 sq metre location at Lentor Hills Rd (Parcel B) has a highest gross floor area of Twenty Two thousand Seven hundred Twenty Six sq m and is calculated to return around Two hundred Sixty Five real estate units.

The Jln Tembusu spot, meanwhile, comes with a size of Nineteen thousand Five hundred Sixty Seven sq m plus an optimum GFA of 54,789 sq metre. It is expected to supply around Six hundred Forty houses.

Collectively, the three spots can bring in approximately 1,500 residence units.

The offer for the land plots at Lentor Hills Road (Plot A) plus Jln Tembusu ends on 18January2022.

Huttons Asia indicated that the Jalan Tembusu plot sits on a well-liked location for plenty of purchasers, and that “is not a long way from Tanjong Katong Mass Rapid Transit terminal”.

“We expect the successful offer pricing to be around $1,400 and $One thousand Five hundred per square ft ppr. Considering that the flat out quantum is substantial, the number of prospective buyers may possibly be capped at 10,” it revealed.

With Regard To the Lentor Hills site, Huttons presumes the victorious quote to run around $1.15K and $One thousand Two hundred Fifty psf per PR also for the plot to gain not beyond ten investors.

Situated just across the Lentor train station, the Lentor Hills plot “is the 2nd plot being launched in the vicinity following Lentor Central”.