Piermont Grand EC

Sumang Walk, Singapore
  • Property type: Executive Condominium
  • Property Location: D19 Hougang / Punggol / Sengkang
  • Offer type: For Sale
  • City: Singapore
  • Neighborhood: Punggol
  • T.O.P: To Be Advised
  • Lot size: 291,126 square feet ft²
  • Tenure: 99 years Years
  • No. Of Units: 820 Residential Units
  • Developer: CDL Constellation Pte. Ltd. and TID Residential Pte. Ltd
  • PSF ($): $1050 psf

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The Piermont Grand the new executive condominium development located in the centre of Punggol found in Singapore’s District 19. Consisting of 13 blocks ranging from 9 to 17 storeys, the development covers a total of 291,126 square feet, with a gross floor area of 873,378 square feet. The Piermont Grand development offers a 99 years leasehold and is being constructed via a partnership between CDL Constellation Pte. Ltd. and TID Residential Pte. Ltd.

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Last Updated: 2nd March 2024


Alternatively known as the Piermont Grand Sumang Walk, the development is located on what is being transformed into Singapore’s premiere Digital District. With incredible, unblocked views of the stunning waterfront, the executive condominium provides amazing value for those looking for a peaceful environment along the North East of Singapore.

With 820 residential units, the Piermont Grand lays adjacent to the My Waterway Punggol, creating a strong community feel that is turning the region into a desired location to live. With a wide range of top class amenities and facilities included in the plans for the Piermont Grand EC, residents will have lots of activities, entertainment options and sports to enjoy, right outside their door.

As an executive condominium project in Singapore, those who are able to meet the purchasing criteria to buy a unit will find that they receive unmatched value.


Transforming Singapore’s North East

The best part about the location of the Piermont Grand is that the portion of Sumang Walk where it will be built is largely undeveloped, meaning that residents can enjoy a tranquil living space that offers an undisturbed view and access to the water. However, with so many different facilities being added into the development itself, there will never be a shortage of activities, entertainment and family options to enjoy.

Furthermore, the strategic location of the Piermont Grand EC means that residents are just a short way from many of Singapore’s best shopping centres. The Punggol Plaza, Compass One and Waterway Point are all located quite close to the development.

For those who need to travel throughout Singapore, the Piermont Grand provides quick access to the Sumang and Nibong LRT Stations, Punggol MRT Station and a wide variety of city buses that run along the Punggol Central line. The proximity to the Tampines Expressway ensures that those who need to get into the city by car can do so quickly and easily.

Singapore’s First Digital District

The Singapore government is aiming to turn the Punggol region into the country’s digital district, making it somewhat comparable to Silicon Valley. The Piermont Grand EC is right in the heart of the plans, making it the ideal condominium development for those who are looking to become part of the innovative industry.

With a wide range of tech companies, cyber businesses and startups attracted to the region, the Piermont Grand’s inclusion in the plans for the Singapore Digital District means that the entire area surrounding Sumang Walk will see a thriving economy. This is sure to lead to everything from a higher quality of life, an affluent community and further development that provides all sorts of recreational activities for both young professionals and families.

The Digital District in Singapore will be fully managed by a single digital platform, keeping the entire community safe and secure at all times. Being the condo development closest to the Singapore Digital District means that the Piermont Grand will be able to benefit from all the cutting-edge security, innovation and more.

The Piermont Grand EC also finds itself being developed around the sustainability and livability standards that come with the Digital District. The dynamic infrastructure ensures that there will be optimised use of energy and resources, while limiting the carbon footprint and negative emissions. Automated product deliveries, automatic waste collection and advanced living management systems will all be put in place.

The Piermont Grand Executive Condos are Connected


One of the main advantages of the Piermont Grand development is that it provides a sense of relaxation and peacefulness with its picturesque views, while still keeping residents connected to everything that they need.

The Piermont Grand will be extremely close to the currently developed Punggol Coast MRT Station, as well as the Sumang Walk LRT Station and the Nibong LRT Station. With several different buses running from Punggol Central and Punggol Way, there are many options for transport throughout the city.

Drivers will be able to take advantage of the the Piermont Grand EC being located right next to the Tampines Expressway, which means that the city centre is just a short drive away. Orchard Road and the Marine Bay Financial Centre can be accessed via car in just 20 minutes. The ‘car-light’ plan for the Punggol Innovation District means that traffic will be reduced in the region, making it easier for those who need to drive on a daily basis.

The Punggol Plaza, Compass One and Waterway Point are all very accessible from the Piermont Grand condo development, as well as the Sheng Siong Hypermarket and the NTUC Fairprice. With grocery stores, shopping and entertainment all closely situated, the residents of Piermont Grand have everything they need right in their vicinity.

The Piermont Grand is Ideal for Family Living

Piermont Grand is the perfect place for residents with children, as it allows parents to get away from the busy city centre and enjoy the recreational activities with their kids that comes with the space of the North East.

Schools Near the Piermont Grand EC

There are a number of top educational institutions close to the Piermont Grand development that are suitable for students of all ages.

The Piermont Grand nearby schools include:

Punggol Cove Primary

Punggol Green Primary

Punggol View Primary

Edgefield Secondary

Punggol Secondary

Compassvale Secondary

Parents with younger children have many options for both primary and secondary education in the area. The development is designed to make transport to-and-from all of the nearby schools very easy, so that parents save time each day. This added convenience makes the Piermont Grand Punggol an attractive development for young families.

University Close to the Piermont Grand

The Singapore Institute of Technology is located fairly close to the Piermont Grand development, under 30 minutes by car and approximately 45 minutes by public transit. With the connectivity that the development offers, students of the university can save time each day and enjoy a relaxed, stress-free commute when attending their classes.

Family Spaces Near the Piermont Grand EC

The development is situated near many green corridors surrounding Sumang Walk, as well as the Punggol Waterway Park. These areas are fantastic for outdoor family time for children of all ages. From the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk to simply relaxing in the sun, parents will find that the entire region around the Piermont Grand is an excellent area for their children.

The Piermont Grand is Close to Country Clubs

For those who are looking to take advantage of Singapore’s luxurious country clubs to build their personal network and raise their status in the business world, the Piermont Grand executive condo presents the perfect opportunity.

There are a number of world class country clubs located close to the Piermont Grand development, all of which are frequented by affluent members that have an influence in the Singaporean business world.

The country clubs near Piermont Grand include:

The American

The Tanglin


Raffles Town

Singapore Town

Singapore Polo

Civil Service

Singapore Recreations Club

Top Class Amenities in the Piermont Grand

Developers CDL are known for developing condominiums that include the best facilities that cater to all aspects of condo living. The Piermont Grand is no different, as the development plans show that there will be a wide range of premium facilities and amenities within the development.

The Piermont Grand amenities include:

A 24/7 Guard House

Full Resident Clubhouse

Function Room

Indoor Gym Facilities

Tennis Courts

50m Swimming Pool

Elevated Sun Deck

BBQ Area with Pits

Children’s Playground

All the residents will be able to make use of the amenities in the Piermont Grand while enjoying the remarkable views of the waterfront area.

The Piermont Grand Floor Plans

The Piermont Grand is designed to accommodate everybody from young professionals to large families with their various condo offerings. The Piermont Grand floor plans range in size from single bedroom condos that cater to those living alone, as well as couples, all the way to massive 3-bedroom condo units.

Types of Units in the Piermont Grand Condo

CDL have developed the Piermont Grand EC to offer two distinct views: facing the Punggol Central and facing the Sumang Walk.

The executive condo is set to deliver the ideal combination of space and value for residents, with the 1-bedroom units being perfect for single professionals. The 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units can be suitable for couples, those who are thinking about starting a family in the future and those who already have children.

The Piermont Grand Prices

While the Piermont Grand prices per unit are not currently available, it is expected that the psf of the Piermont Grand will be between S$950 and S$1,100.

As the developers CDL and TID Residential were able to secure the land parcel for an incredible price of just S$509.37 million, their break even price on the project works out to only S$583 psf ppr.

This offers potential buyers of the Piermont Grand a top investment opportunity to become part of the dynamic Punggol Innovative District at a value for the cost.


Piermont Condos is an Executive Condominium

The Piermont Grand differs from standard developments as it is an executive condominium in Singapore.

Executive Condominiums in Singapore are in High Demand

An executive condominium in Singapore is a hybrid housing project that is a combination between private and public. This means that the residential development is subsidized in part by the Singapore government, meaning that buyers can expected between a 20% to 30% reduction in price compared to that of surrounding developments.

The fact that the prices are significantly discounted, as well as the fact that the public nature of the building means that the government contributes to general upkeep and amenities in the future, makes executive condos in Singapore extremely rare.

Piermont Grand Prices Offer Great Value

One major benefit for any Singaporeans who own an executive condominium such as the Piermont Grand is that they will benefit from the lowered prices upon purchase. Since the housing is subsidized by the government, the prices can expected to be just ¾ of other privately-sold condos in the Punggol area.

For those looking to make a profitable real estate investment for the future while enjoying all the high class amenities and exceptional facilities that the Piermont Grand will offer, there has never been a better buying opportunity.

Potential for Future Appreciation

Another benefit to purchasing a unit in the Piermont Grand EC is that all executive condominiums are eligible to be sold on the open real estate market once the Minimal Occupational Period has been met.

Once you have met the Minimal Occupational Period, you are able to sell your unit in the Piermont Grand at the prices of private condos in the region. This means that you immediately gain a 20% to 30% appreciation of the value of your unit just by completing the occupational timeframe.

Piermont Grand Possibility for Privatization

The Piermont Grand also includes the potential to be fully privatized in the future. This would mean that the units can be sold to foreigners or local Singaporeans, which can greatly drive up the pricing potential.

Once the Piermont Grand becomes privatized, unit owners will experience an instant boost in the appreciation and value of their homes, making the purchase of a unit in this executive condo in Singapore an extraordinary opportunity.

CPF Housing Grants for the Piermont Grand EC

If you are a first-time homebuyer that is looking to purchase a unit in the Piermont Grand, then have the potential to qualify for up to $30,000 in CPF housing grants.

With several deferred payment schemes and CPF housing grants for the Piermont Grand available, we recommend that any first-time home buyer contact us immediately to explore the possibility of qualifying for the grant.

A Reputation for Developing Excellence


The developers of Piermont Grand EC, City Development Limited, is one of the leaders in global real estate development. With over 100 worldwide locations in 28 countries, CDL has grown to be one of the largest companies by market capitalisation, as it has been listed on the Singapore Exchange.

With over 50 years of successfully delivering premium real estate projects in Singapore and beyond, CDL’s name is synonymous with prestige. This means that both investors and residents looking to purchase a unit in the Piermont Grand know that they will be getting nothing but the highest standard of amenities, facilities and living experiences.

With several highly regarded residential towers in Singapore including the Trellis Towers, Volari, The Solitaire and more, CDL are certainly going to deliver another spectacular project that provides unparalleled value in the Piermont Grand executive condominium.

Get More Information About the Piermont Grand Now

If you are ready to experience executive condo living in Singapore and take advantage of all the first class amenities and facilities that the Piermont Grand will offer, then we are ready to assist you.

As the Piermont Grand is an executive condo, there will be an exceedingly high demand the moment that the residential units become available. That is why we encourage anybody interested in learning more about the Piermont Grand prices, Piermont Grand floor plans and Piermont Grand investment opportunities to contact us right away.

Piermont Grand Price

3 Bedroom : $899,100 to $1,105,500

3 Bedroom Deluxe : FULLY SOLD

3 Bedroom Premium: $1,152,630 to $1,187,300

3 Bedroom Superior : $981,720 to $1,098,800

4 Bedroom Premium: $1,356,750 to $1,642,000

5 Bedroom Premium: $1,526,850 to $1,750,400

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