CanningHill Piers, CapitaLand Property and CDL’s joint property business, has actually embarked its own sales showroom on 5November, while bookings will start on 20 Nov, reported SBR.

Found on RV Rd, in between the famous Singapore River and also Fort Canning Hill, the development makes up Six hundred Ninety Six housing units dispersed over two towers.

Prices for a single room houses computing 409 square feet opening from $One point One Six mil, $Five point Two million to get the 2,788 square feet four bed rooms prime units and even $8.1 mil for the Two thousand Eight hundred Seventy Four square feet five room premium units.

The project’s solely penthouse unit on the Forty Eight storey– in which stretches over 8,956 sq ft– is rated at $50 million.

Among One Of CanningHill Piers’ two towers will have 48 levels and also measure 180m in peak, making it the tallest residence development along the SGP River. The remaining building, alternatively, are going to own 24 levels moreover read 100m in height also overlook Fort Canning Hill.

Expected for being finished in 2K25, CanningHill Piers will enjoy a gross floor surface area of 1.1 mil sq foot. The property is entitled as being one of the greatest consolidated reconstruction ventures amongst the Core Area.