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Singapore Property Launch About Us 1Singaporepropertylaunch.com.sg aims to deliver latest, consolidated information of New Launch Properties in Singapore to home-buyers, investors or anyone with such interest. Sighting the growing number of new developments in our ever-active property market, it can be confusing as information is all over the place.  

With a portal where the hottest projects in town are presented before you, there is no need to waste unnecessary time searching for different websites to learn about each new launch again. We emphasize simplicity to the presentation of our materials, in hope to convey the clearest info to readers. 

Visitors can find the most genuine, reliable and timely information of new and existing launches here. These include the exact location, future developments, promotions, construction status, promotions and other useful info of each project. On top of that, we are here to attend to any other queries that you may have! So please feel free to leave us a comment via the Contact Us section for any property-related matters.

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